Saturday, November 15, 2008

whisper creek bow problems

Hi i am an avid bowhunter from michigan. Anyone who bowhunts knows you have to have confidence in the equipment they use. This being said i want to know if anybody else out there has had the same problem with there bows i have? Heres the story in september of 2007 i bought an 06 innovator pro bow from jays sporting goods in gaylord michigan i used it for that seasons bear hunt and deer season i really liked it it was fast and very quiet. In august i took the bow out and started shooting it and noticed a loud squeak in one of the pockets. i took it back to jays and they found one of the rollers had worn a groove in it and got the part for me and put it on. This did not solve the problem so i asked if i could exchange it for a new bow they said no because they quit carrying there bows and could only get my money back but i loved the bow so i called whispercreek and they had me send them the bow to fix it. i got it back pretty fast but after a couple shots the noise was still there. i called them again and they said to send it back again and they would send me a new bow before i left for my trip to wyoming. i got the bow a day before i left got it set up but not tuned and figured id solve that problem out there. I got to my location and my guide and i try as we might could not get the supposedly new 08 innovator pro to tune properly so the night of my first hunt i was in a pro shop out west trying to tune a bow that wouldnt. after careful inspection the proshop tech told me the bow had a bad cam........It was cocked to one side badly and thats why it was chewing up the string after 10 shots. I did the best i could with it and had to agree with the outfitter not to shoot at deer over 20 yards with it limiting my stand locations. Needless to say when i got back from my trip i was upset to say the least. But to my surprise when i got back to my home i found another bow there they had unknowingly sent me out 2 bows so i called them and informed them i would send the 08 back and keep the new 07 they sent me. After setting this bow up and buying yet more limbsavers and other accessories i proceeded to start shooting it and after about 20 shots i started to hear a very annoying ping coming from my lower cam. they had left a peice of plastic in the cam that was supposed to be removed before it was shipped. I had to take the bow to a pro shop yet again to have it put on a press to remove it. I gritted my teeth and beared it i had to leave for my next trip the next day for a week long trip 7 miles canoed upsteam on a river in the upper penninsula. After our 4 and 1half hour canoe trip we started to practice shooting our bows so we took them out of the hard cases and started shooting after my 7th shot to my horror my buss cable snapped at the y on the left side and my bow was ready to explode. i had to put a ratchet strap on it for safteys sake. needless to say i had to cut my trip short and come home early. my freind with me was very upset as well and of coarse he had to add "Itold you you should have bought a mathews". I called whisper creek and asked for jeff nish the owner. The secratary told me he was in a meeting she'd leave him a message to call me back. 1 hour later while i was sighting in my martin moab pro i just bought one of there techs called me and asked what he could do i told him send me a bow that works he said he'd send me bows for the kids for my problems and a new bow all i had to do was send in yet another bow at my cost of shipping. i jokeingly said i didnt care if they sent me there cheapest model just send me one that works right....... Well a week went by and the kids bows arrived and i got curious where mine was so i called and asked the tech i had been dealing with and he said and i quote " im not sure it could be in the mail or i might not have sent it out yet call me tomarrow and i 'll let you know". I just gave a little laugh and he then retorted with "pete your getting a new bow out of this you see what im saying". i lost it and told him about all i had been through with there bows and such he then cut me off and said if i didnt be quiet he wouldnt even look for my bow. any way i got my new bow yesterday 2 weeks after calling and wouldnt you know it they sent me a stealth lx there cheapest bow. I truly regret not just getting my money back from jays for the bow.